It is time to UNLOCK everything that is standing between you and ALL the success you want to see in your business and the money you want to make.

2-Day Event

Live Coaching

Denver, CO

We believe that growing a successful business can be one of the most fun and rewarding things we can do

Business shouldn’t have to feel stuffy, restrictive, or joyless. In fact, business can be an expression of who you are in the world and the impact you wish to make- and you are worthy of having a successful business that LIGHTS YOU UP.

UN-Locked IS

The powerfully immersive and elevated live coaching experience for coaches, course creators, and entrepreneurs who wish to increase their impact in the world, while also making life-changing income and living a life they love.

We’re Samantha AND Kristen.
We are moms.
We are best friends.

Together we have built two multi million dollar companies.
Since 2020, we have sold more than 12 MILLION DOLLARS in revenue.
And we are committed to seeing more business owners THRIVE while experiencing massive success in today’s online world.

After coaching thousands of business owners…

In over 20 different industries, we have clearly identified where the biggest knowledge gaps in the online business industry are. We know the exact areas where people get “locked up” that prevent them from the money that they want to be making.

We’ve been in some of the “top” coaching communities, networking groups, and masterminds, so we are intimately aware of what is taught and what is being overlooked. This is why we decided to put our resources and genius together, to bring you this transformational event.

We designed this event with one sole question in mind:


“What does it truly take to become an unstoppable force in today’s online world?”

The answer is UNLOCKING the FOUR key areas of:

Your Identity


Your Authentic Brand, and

Your Aligned Audience Growth Strategy

What you will learn…

we have created the UNLOCKED Live Coaching Event

We have taken our years of knowledge and expertise to bring you a unique event where will will be teaching you:

  • NHow to build self confidence and inner authority in a world that undermines it.
  • NYour core values and ethics and how they apply to every area of your business.
  • NHow to reprogram your cultural and social conditioning around making money.
  • NCutting edge marketing and best practices for lead generation, creating funnels, paid ads, and more. (news flash: webinars are so 2018)
  • NCraft an Irresistible Offer that is easy to sell to your current audience and aligns with your lifestyle. (There is a right offer for your audience, friends!)
  • NEffective and powerful audience growth strategy to increase visibility and your future revenue. (Note* Your current revenue is with your current audience, your future revenue is dependent on your audience growth strategy.)
  • NAnd how to build a brand that is authentically you, so it is natural and easy to show up in the online space. (You aren’t required to sing and dance for reels either)
  • NFunnels feel foreign and overwhelming? We got you covered.
  • NCurrent Instagram Strategy? Yep, that too.
  • NLead generation feel daunting? We’ll make it simple and fun.


To become unstoppable in today’s online world, you can’t afford to be without these things. It will continue to feel like you are riding the entrepreneurial struggle bus and you’ll wonder what you’ve been missing and think that everyone knows something you don’t.

you will stall out in your business WITHOUT THIS… 

You can be GREAT at what you do- but if you don’t know how to craft the right offer, market it powerfully, and strategically grow your audience, you will stall out in your business or worse, fail to have a profitable business. This isn’t a “selling problem” it may not even be a “belief problem”- You just don’t know what you don’t know! And it’s not your fault. You just haven’t been told.

We got you.

What you will learn…


We are spilling the million dollar tea and we aren’t holding back.
We believe there is room for everybody to win.
And you deserve to KNOW what it takes to become unstoppable.

At UNLOCKED, we will make it simple and approachable. You will leave the event knowing exactly what you need to do to start driving revenue to your business immediately in a way that feels fun and energizing. Not only will you have the knowledge and a plan, but you will have the confidence and belief to implement it and take massive action.

It’s your time.

What you get:

Register Now

Un-locked 2-Day Live event

Dates: September 8-9, 2022
Location: Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Denver, CO
Investment: $5000

  • NElevated Five Star experience at The Four Seasons in Denver, Colorado
  • NTwo days of immersive training
  • NLIVE INTENSIVE COACHING with Samantha and Kristen
  • NAccess to recorded content in secure membership portal for 1 year following event
  • NConnect with other business owners from different industries
  • NVirtual option included with purchase...and more surprises are coming!

INVESTMENT: $5,000 Pay in full.


Here is what you might be wondering

What’s included?

Admission to the 2 day live event.

What if I am brand new to business?

Perfect! You’ll get all of the scoop on how to build your business from the ground up.

I’m in network marketing, is this for me?

This event is for anyone who is growing a business. While we won’t be sharing detailed network marketing strategies, we’ll be sharing the four key areas of growing a successful business which applies to any business/industry: Your Identity, Your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER, Your Authentic Brand, and Your Aligned Audience Growth Strategy.

I have a brick and mortar business, is this for me?

Yes-the strategies we teach are applicable across industries and platforms.

Schedule - When should I travel?

The closest airport is Denver International Airport (about 30 minutes from downtown Denver). We’ll start right at 9am on Thursday, September 8th and we’ll wrap on Friday, September 9th around 5pm. Flying in on Wednesday, September 7th and staying through Saturday, September 10th is ideal (unless you want to add on extra days on the front or backend!)

Where is the live event being held?

The Four Seasons hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Four Seasons Hotel

1111 14th Street

Denver, CO 80232

(303) 389-3126

Is there a hotel block?

No, we will send a list of hotels after you register.

Will there be a recording available?

Yes for a year after for people who purchase a ticket to the live event. You’ll receive access to your member portal upon purchase.

I’ve made over $100k in my business, will this still apply for me?

Yes! If you want to learn how to create 6-figures and beyond in a way that feels good to YOU, you’ll want to join us.